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Our new book "Life at the bottom of Earth" is ready !

For over 20 years, Ilan Mizrahi has been documenting the Dead Sea region and the section of Road 90 that is below sea level. 11 years ago, he moved with his wife Deborah Cherki to the northern area of the Dead Sea, and since then, they have both been photographing, together and apart, journalistic projects that tell the story of the place, which changes from day to day.

Together, they watched as the Dead Sea retreated and its shores were swallowed into the depths of the earth by enormous sinkholes. As residents of the area and tour guides whose expertise is this region, they are anxious about its future, and in recent years they have been working on a photographic book on the subject "life at the bottom of Earth", which tells about its residents and their relation with the place.

The book, consists of 104 medium-sized pages, also include passages on the subject from several fields, such as history and geology, economics and tourism, settlement and agriculture, as well as on the relationship between the peoples living in the area, and their joint and separate battle of preservation of the delicate fabric of life between man and nature.

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